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For lack of a better term, we are wizards who have been in the digital game for many years. From Email Marketing to Blockchain Technology and Digital Currency Trading, we continue to be at the forefront of the digital world. We've actually lived it, working remotely all over the world for the last 20 years.

With that said, in the last year, we've seen a massive uptick in interest from people who want to work and succeed in the blockchain and crypto world.

People are now waking up to the fact that time is valuable and life doesn’t have to be so mundane and repetitive.

However, with no real place to start as a beginner or join to expand your skill set, we decided to create a streamlined platform for all skill levels, unlike anything that is out there. A social networking trading platform completely dedicated to the crypto industry. A home for all of us.

What we have developed will not only be a launchpad for free-thinking digital entrepreneurs and crypto enthusiasts of every level. It will be a community of like-minded people with the same goals. Liberation, happiness, and, of course, money!


When creating the RoboKrypto NFT, we tried to diversify our collection as much as "humanly" possible (hehe). We wanted our NFT stakeholders to be comfortable and happy, regardless of their background and experience in this marketplace. We feel that we've done that by creating 5 different categories of RoboKrypto NFT. There's something for everyone. There are only 2000 RoboKrypto NFTs.

The only real RoboKrypto Collection lives at, the rest are frauds.


ETH 1.0
$50,000 (eth) raffle betwen all platinum owners. Odds 1 in 406 Access to RoboKrypto Access to Pre-Sale for RK Coin 50% of monthly alloted profit sharing divided between Platinum holders 1 Voting Ticket Access to owners discord channel Weekly Private addressment from RoboKrypto team Monthly live video update to all platinum members with question period


Stage 1

Build Social Trading Platform (Python)

Intergrate Binance API

Create live trading-chat application

Create advanced crypto trading indicator system

Integrate MetaMask for NFT Holders & Logins

Aggregate real-time crypto news

Create NFT for expansion

Beta test system

Stage 2

NFT Sale

iOS & Android development - (React Native - in progress)

Onboarding of NFT holders onto RoboKrypto

Team Expansion

Add more exchanges

Stage 3

First live video addressment to all NFT holders

NFT Marketplace

Release of iOS and Android App

App testing between NFT holders

Create a whitepaper for RoboKrypto Coin

Stage 4

Full Robokrypto public release

Minting of RoboKrypto Coin

PreSale of RoboKrypto Coin to NFT holders

First Annual Meet and Greet in Las Vegas Nevada



Wuzzy, our lead tech, has been banging around on keyboards in a Unix environment since 1996. From BBS's to IRC to eventually what we call the "Internet", he's been here hustling and you'll often hear him say "There's gold in those hills." He says to himself that he's not a genius with anything, but he knows something about everything and loves technology. Show me those greens.

the animal

With a background in email marketing, the Animal has worked with some of the world's biggest affiliate networks, yielding millions of dollars in revenue. Creating his own proprietary software in 2012 to separate himself from the rest of the pack allowed him to reach the top of the game, where he still stands today. The Animal's first taste of crypto blood came in 2015 during a joint bitcoin mining venture. Since then, he's never stopped. He's a wealth of knowledge and the founder of RoboKrypto.


Once your category of kryptobot has been 100% minted, the live video raffle will take place with the RoboKrypto team explaining and showcasing the software that randomly selects a wallet from our database, announcing the winner live and on discord.

If you're an NFT investor, the main reason you should buy a RoboKrypto NFT is that the first version of our software is now LIVE, the company is running and ready to onboard thousands of users. This is your chance to be involved with a tech startup and the first social network of its kind to raise capital in this manner. You'll be a part of history. There is nothing like it. If you are new to trading and the blockchain space, this is your chance to meet the most advanced crypto traders in the world, learn the craft, create independence, form business relationships, have fun, and conquer the crypto game.

The RoboKrypto NFT is a utility token that will be used to access the worlds first social network trading platform.

2000 KryptoBots will be minted starting at 0.1-1 ETH

NFT Official Launch date July.1 2022

Choose your favorite KryptoBot on our website and mint via Opensea